76th Super Samuri a commission from

Win Percy

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There is a great deal of speculation about the authenticity of some cars purported to be a Samuri, albeit they clearly carry the Samuri logo. Since Samuri was founded by Spike Anderson the Samuri logo has been his personal trade mark and this trade mark is still valid to this day. Therefore any performance vehicle carrying the Samuri trade mark that was not sanctioned by Spike is in fact not a Samuri and cannot legally use that name.


In order to put the record straight and at the same time protect the value of genuine Samuriís Spike Anderson has published his biography which lays down the history of Samuri, including the dates and specifications of the vehicles he produced. If you wish to purchase this book please email: mike.lee@samuri.eu


To provide the owners of genuine Samuriís with providence documentation Spike has agreed to build a register of authenticated  vehicles and provide the owners with certificates personally signed by him. To assist in this task we would ask all Samuri owners who wish to have their vehicles authenticated to email Spike with the following information:


Your name, postal address and email address:

Date and place of purchase:

Vehicle Registration Number:

Previous owner:

Chassis/VIN Number:

Livery Colour: 

Date manufactured:

Any previous owners:

Any known history:

Detailed pictures of all sides plus under the bonnet:


75th Super Samuri a full international Historic racer with FIA homologation

Owner: Robert Crofton

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