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Samuri, founded in 1972 by Spike Anderson, late of Broadspeed, are the Pioneers of high performance and competition versions of the Datsun 240Z/260Z in Europe. In 1973 Spike’s own road going 240Z was modified, giving 190BHP with uprated suspension, competition brakes, front integral air dam, a striking paint scheme and was christened “Super Samuri. After rave reviews from the motoring press, the Marque was born of which 77 examples were built.


Throughout the 1970’s development of these cars was conducted by an uninterrupted programme of competition, taking part in World championship Sports car racing, British Modsports and British Saloon car racing. Throughout this period, the road going “Sams” were entered into Hill climbing, over 90 Modsports races and a season of tarmac Rallying.


By the end of the 70’s “Samuri Conversions” were the acknowledged leaders in the tuning of the 240/260Z and by the latter part of the 1980’s when these cars became eligible for Historic racing, the Samuri produced examples swept the board winning four outright championships.


 Now in 2020, these 77 “Super Samuris”, of which there will be no more, have become very desirable classic sports cars of the 70’s and a considerable amount of myth has been built up over time. In order to put the record straight and at the same time protect the value of genuine “Super Samuris” Spike Anderson has written a second edition of his autobiography, soon to become available, which lays down a comprehensive history of Samuri, including, where possible, the dates and specifications of the vehicles he produced.


To provide the owners of genuine Samuri’s with providence documentation Spike is building a register of authenticated  vehicles and provide the owners with certificates personally signed by him. To assist in this task we would ask all Samuri owners who wish to have their vehicles authenticated to email Spike with the following information:


Your name, postal address and email address:

Date and place of purchase:

Vehicle Registration Number:

Previous owner:

Chassis/VIN Number:

Livery Colour: 

Date manufactured:

Any previous owners:

Any known history:

Detailed pictures of all sides plus under the bonnet:

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